Train Projects

Heavy Rail


Comeng Anti train Surfing Modification Project

Metro Trains – Northern and Southern Fleet Addressing Train surfing hazards on front mask Scope of work included design and manufacture of infill panels to blank off steps. Remove all handrails and blank off holes on front mask including 2 step covers. Fabricate panels, onsite rail work to fit infill panels, filler work and priming.

Train Livery

Painting the fronts of trains required onsite set up including organising air, power, heating and lock up area where at Newport 90metres of inside track was secured. The fronts were disassembled, prepared and painted yellow to specifications. Two ends of a carriage were completed within a two-day turnaround.


New Fibreglass Parts and Repairs: 

Supply of spare parts for Siemens train such as front spoiler parts. Produce moulds for manufacturing of spoiler parts and sourced brackets and tracks for attachment. Parts are then painted in 2 pack finish ready for fitting. Repairs include internal and ceiling panels

Aerial and Antenna Mount Set:

The Upgrading Siemens Nexas trains for satellite and communication.

Our Requirement to design/manufacture bases for the antennas on Siemens Nexas Trains.

Fibreglass 290 parts supplied.

XplorerTrain3Masking .jpg

Explorer / Endeavour Train:

Scope of work covered a range of jobs, including respraying the whole train and refurbishing back to original colours.

One vehicle was upgraded from a standard people carrier to a dining car that included different seating arrangement internally. The respraying of this train included paintwork on internal components and a full change of colour scheme externally.

A yellow front was changed to multiple shades of blue and white to the front and continuing down both sides of carriage.

Front Mock Up

Our clients engineering department supplied an artistic rendition with preliminary measurements for a facelift to an old shape into a new image. This was then transferred by Metal Morphis into foam panels, cut and fitted to an existing train front, with a layer of glass applied then painted for a style mock up. The same process was used internally on the vehicle to mock up the new seating arrangement and partitions around the doorways.


Graffiti Removal and Cleaning:

Removing graffiti and cleaning stainless steel trains onsite in Dandenong with pressure washer and nontoxic chemical cleaner.

Refurbishment of Train Bogies

The bogie is firstly pressure washed and degreased. After this, the client will pick up the bogie and have it disassembled.  

The component parts are then returned to us for masking and spraying to RAL specifications. 


Doors – Australian Component for build:

Siemens train and tram contracts to the Australian Government required an Australian component. In this case the doors were built locally and sent to Metal Morphis’ workshops for paintwork. All colours met specification for colour and gloss levels, and included painting of door handles in a satin finish.