Transport Projects


Argosy Pre-Delivery Parts:

  • Modifications for Australian Requirements

  • LH & RH Flares and LH & RH Cowls.

  • 1015 sets supplied to new vehicles

  • 4060 parts supplied to new vehicles

  • Spare Parts

Working with engineers to meet Australian requirements, Metal Morphis developed an intake panel for the left hand side of Argosy to create airflow for a secondary radiator.

The wheel arch also needed to be lowered 150mm to cover the air box fitted to direct the air. After testing and R & D, the mirror parts for the other side had to be created.

Once signed off, the production process began to meet supply of parts including painting and assembled with modified inner duct, wire mesh and bolts. Parts were supplied painted and ready for fitment to the vehicle pre-dealer delivery.

Front Under-Run Protection Device Covers (FUPD):

  • Columbia FUPD


  • Coronado FUPD

  • Spare Parts

Prototypes and designs were developed through R & D until ready for sign off from client.

This was then taken from Prototype to plug stage. From there, moulds were produced in accordance

with estimated delivery schedules. Parts were supplied painted and ready for fitting to the vehicle


Step Modifications:

• 900 trucks

• 2400 parts converted and painted.

• Fitted over 12 months

Vehicles from USA were 40mm oversize for Australian Design Rules (ADRs).

To be compliant with ADRs the lower step was cut off and fitted with a new shorter step panel and

tread, followed by light filler work on end panels, priming and painting. The chrome scuff plates are

reattached and the lower sill of the vehicle painted in a factory grey and white finish.

After completion of the pre-delivery vehicles, spare parts were supplied for 10 years

Bus Fleet Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance of a National Bus fleet. This included fibreglass, panel repairs and or replacement, steel fabrication, fitting parts, including hinges, lights and decals. Pick up and delivery services included. Work on buses had an average of 2 to 3 day turnaround on minor repairs due to meeting fleet schedules. A fast turnaround time was achieved with over 7 years of service